Saturday, 7 January 2012

Things I like!

So I literally just realised I can blog from my phone, new discovery of the year! This means the whole process of posting will become a lot more organic and easy, hooray.

As you would know, fashion is life, and life is good, and therefore fashion should be good. Narciso Rodriguez is one of my all time favourite designers; well most designers have a place in my favorites as I don't discriminate, but the perceived ease, delicateness and refinement of Rodriguez's pieces just have me hooked. I say perceived, as with all minimalist design, practice makes perfect. The beautiful lines and perfectly body fitting silhouettes are due to hours of painstaking work for a better fit, smoother seam, a finer result.

Now of course as I write this post I realise I actually haven't quite figured out how to add images from the phone, but don't worry, first the words, then the pictures! Above will be an image of the workings of a jacket, as seen in the book Narciso Rodriguez as published by Rizzoli. I promise you it's beautiful.

Of course I love a beautiful dress, and no-one does a subdued and elegant gown like Rodriguez. See images of Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker and Uma Thurman to prove. That blue dress with the square panel suspended in the back and then dreamily cascading to the mercy of the breeze, to borrow from a certain stylist of our times, one could 'die'.
And the subtly yet somewhat overtly sexy red number, shown with gorgeous designer himself, I love the colour, and also what it says about the woman wearing it: powerful, lusty and in control, stunning.
The gorgeous gown as worn by Uma again speaks to me for its small changes which make it so much more than just a Hollywood style halter-neck. The way the side cleavage is revealed almost to the point of no return but stops just before it, the curving seams that send our eyes in and around her beautiful form (and not just her, the effect would be the same for any wearer) and bring us to the explosion of fabric just above the knee, perfection.

Now this isn't a plug, I just have to share a couple of Narciso things that are currently at Paris '99. The stunning cotton body-con (but never in knit with Rodriguez)dress which pushes everything up and in, and is, as expected, immaculately constructed with a contrast white binding on the inside, and the almost charmeuse bubble hem dress which floats lighter than air and is alluring by leaving it to the imagination of the observer; one of my favourite ways of sexy dressing.

Now please forgive my brazen attempt at blogging minus pictures, but they will follow almost immediately, after a few emails from phone to computer. I really am a stickler for more simple times haha!
Much love and till next week x

PS. Here's to learning as you go; thanks to Edit Post everything is in its right place without too much trouble, amazing! ;)

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