Monday, 9 January 2012

Literally the most amazing dress ever!

Hello Paris '99ers! I just could not contain my excitement for this dress, it is literally the most amazing dress ever! (As per the title of this post ;)) (Love the double bracket smiley face combo haha)! Enjoy, and come and see it in person to share the love!

People always ask me how I can part with all of the beautiful pieces I am surrounded by every day, and its hard, I do get attached to almost everything. I mean I am attached the minute I decide something has to be a part of the salon, and when it arrives in person I'm 99.5% happy, with the very occasional misstep, but even so I understand I am a conduit, connecting beautiful clothes to beautiful women in Melbourne, and I let them go to a happier home, and someone who can actually wear them!

Well let me tell you about this dress, it may just be the exception! From the minute my friend in New York swayed around in it when I first saw it, I knew it would be amazing, but I could only imagine it.
The dress is a custom made for the ball Luca Luca, and regular visitors to the salon will know that I have always loved it, and its not available anywhere else.  Founded in New York in the early 90s by Italian Luca Orlandi, its very Upper East Side; glamourous, luxurious and gorgeously put together, for the gorgeously put together woman. For a stage in the early 2000s the label turned in direction of the 'new young things', catering to the New York party scene and even the Hilton sisters.
In 2008 Raul Mendoza took over from Orlandi as creative director and brought a new freshness and refinement, bridging the gap for everyone, with beautifully designed and lovingly produced wardrobe pieces for everywhere, all the time.

Back to the dress. Now my postman is a bit all over the place, but of course morning deliveries are my favourite, and the box arrived with morning, shipped Express with my friend's name on the box, and tightly wrapped in tape. I was already itching with anticipation, and to not by some terrible mistake damage the contents I slowly unwrapped layer after layer of tape, getting both irritated and now almost exploding with excitement.
And then the box was open. And under a few layers of tissue paper, and a garment back fit only for a gown of its magnitude, there it was!
I grabbed a hanger, placed the hang tapes on its sides, and in one big, dramatic swing of my arm lifted the gown right out the box and seriously almost screamed; it is absolutely stunning! (See title once more.)

The fabric is a crispy dense silk organza, it crunches in the hand, super scroop, for all you textile heads.
The floral print is huge, and has to be, to stay balanced with the massive skirt that booms underneath the neatly fitted corset bodice. The under layers are made of metres and metres of tulle, providing the perfect amount of volume, as expected there is hand finishing everywhere and its all finished with a hand folded watermelon silk crepe belt.

If theres is one piece I will find hard to part with, its is undoubtedly this dress! 

All photos are copyright Yahav Ron 2012. 

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