Sunday, 22 January 2012

New dress.

Hello dear Paris '99ers, I hope you in Melbourne are enjoying this mini heat wave, and that like me, you can take advantage of the sun by enjoying outdoor drinks and company.
I recently visited Darn Cheap fabrics on Glenhuntly Rd, and was pleasantly surprised they were in the midst of a sale, so I stocked up on some beautifully subtle striped burgundy silk, and a silk cotton mix in the same construction. As you know, I'm totally feeling burgundy in the air, and of course in my fashion eliteness, can only imagine what synthetic fabrics would feel like as I work very hard to totally avoid these!
So here is the result (still in progress) of my draping and cutting of this newly bought fabric.
I enjoy the way the wind dictates what happens to the drape of the dress as most of the seams are not completely stitched down, thus allowing for air to breeze through and change the fall. I also have left the fabric as organic as possible, raw edges abound, and the selvedge used as I find the holes quite beautiful.
Of course this dress will be on the mannequin for a while, until I make another one!

First yoke try, clearly too much fabric, nowhere near sexy enough...

Some adjustments to be made.

Better :)

Love the back yoke shape!

First time the silk is introduced.

As much as I like the back in this design I decided to keep it long and flowing. And don't worry, I have more of the silk left so there will be more exploration in tops, skirts, or even as part of a jacket!

The front panel is the width of the fabric and the back is the two left-over triangles layered over each other and tacked at intervals on the sides.

Reveals at back, and down below is the almost too high centre back slit. Hope you like!


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