Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Grazia magazine!

Hello dear Paris '99ers!

Hooray! I am so excited to report that we had a beautiful little write-up in this week's Grazia magazine!
It was a complete surprise, well sort of. Let me explain.
I had a call from a woman who had found me online, via this blog no less, and she was tres enthusiastic to come and have a look and a drink and I thought great!
She was so lovely, tall and gorgeous and amazingly spoken, loved fashion, a woman of my own heart haha.
It was a wonderful visit, and then she left (as one must after all).
A couple of weeks later I got a call from an unknown Sydney number requesting images to accompany a review that would go to press really soon! I panicked, a journalist had come, who, when, why didn't I know?
The lovely woman on the phone assured me there was nothing to worry about and that all was well, the words read well. Phewww! Well, really I didn't do anything different, so its good, there is nothing to worry about (for me, or for you beautiful current and future ;) visitors)!
And voila, here is the piece, all about levels of service and styling opportunities in the current shopping landscape. Now I will be naughty and say that my experience kicks arse (ooooh) over Sportsgirl, and I have two friends who work at Sportsgirl, I hope they still love me hahaha!
Please enjoy the article, and I look forward to posting all about my adventures in the USA, off in 2 weeks, hooray!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Disclaimer and update post :S

Dear Paris '99ers,
Please dont hate me for being a bad bad blogger. There is no excuse for this at all, and so much has been going on that I haven't yet shared with you.
First things first, you will be seeing and more original Yahav Ron work in the salon. Its a shame to waste all my years of passionate designing and studying fashion both here and abroad, skills and the like, so that's one exciting push I'll be taking.
Secondly, I am truly excited to be going to the US of A in 3 weeks time! The trip will be tres tres intense; schmoozing, socialising, networking, meeting and greeting all in the name of bringing back some amazing pieces for the salon, and in turn, for you!
Watch out La la land, Frisco, Vegas and of course NYC, here I come!
I will certainly try to keep everyone in the loop while I am over there, expect lots of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook updates, and if you haven't already, befriend me (Yahav Ron) follow me (Yahav-Paris99) and follow me (@Paris_99)! How excitement!
And of course, every day, a bevy/bevie (you decide) of fabulous international designer pieces are arriving for your perousal and purchasing pleasure, come and visit me today, its just a phone call/email/tweet/facebook message away, hoorah!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Hello all!
So, here are some of the lovely things taking my fancy today. They each have been snapped in detail to show you just how beautifully they are made and conceived, hooray!

Now I don't remember writing about this piece, but if I have I apologise, I just love it THAT much!
It's a Jean Paul Gaultier, no introduction necessary of course, and I describe as the 'went to the jungle and mated with a frill necked lizard jacket'! The detail is phenomenal; the careful row after row of top-stitching on the belt, the just so bronzed snap fasteners, the beautiful grosgrain ribbon these are attached to, simple and yet adds so much. Now you should also see the fit! The waist is so defined and there is gentle puff of volume in the hip but this is all balanced out by the wonder that is those frills! They sit up and out and elongate and widen and scare and attract and allure and repulse all at the same time, magical! You have to have a certain 'hmmmppphh!' to pull this thing off. I just enjoy looking at, hopefully no-one else finds it as amazing as I do so I can have it forever! :)

I just love the sharpness of these shoes, by Italian king Cesare Paciotti. Even his logo is a dagger on the sole. The details are incredible, from the black carved out line on the sole to the S-curved insole which ends with a script of the season (6 years old ooo). The yellow is killer, canary lemon lets call it, yummmy... naked foot for summer, or now as winter has finally hit us in Melbourne (don't worry, it never snows..) with a pair of thick black opaques, or imagine colour matched tights for a weird kind of camoflauge.
I don't mind all the faux pas that go with shoes; a bit of toe cleavage or socks with sandals (for men too yes) never hurt anyone, in fact it makes things that little bit more interesting.

A Jil Sander double folks. On top, the most sumptous velvet you've ever felt. So austere in its cut, right up to the throat, with a men's shirt-like yoke detail and lightly gathered, this dress is so winter at a boarding school. Of course being Raf Simons the allure comes once a body is inside. The 'waistband' seam hangs onto the small of the back, creating a gentle fold and bringing the focus back to the waist, reminding us that actually there is a woman inside, not as sexless as one might think just by looking at the piece alone. I don't know if any of that made any sense, but to keep it short, its hot on, and again, that velvet, so deep and rich it almost doesn't end!
Down below, the softest smoothest cashmere 'cape' if you will. Its a closureless cardigan, but the sleeves are dropped almost to elbow height (or lowght :S) which gives a more circular shape to the shoulder. Of course it can be turned upside down for a full draped collar and a shorter body, perfect for a slight evening chill. The belt is made from the same yarn, and the clasp (?) on the end is covered in the cashmere too, its so whole and holistically designed. Go Raf!

So witchy-poo, amazing. Junya Watanabe, distorter of the sartorial past, gives us this skirt with its demended hanky hemline and such an interesting pairing of contrast fabrics. We've got checks, raised relief, plain satin, all in panels and swirls all it needs are some docks and leather jacket and we're good to go. I must say the inside disappoints a bit, just overlocking with no lining. But I guess Junya has a reason for everything so I shouldn't complain too much, see what you think.. :)

I'm a fan of brocade, damask etc. Technically I think isn't a damask as even though its floral, its not tone-sur-tone care of the metallic golden yarns. Either way, its simply stunning. You need to have legs literally to under your boobs as its long enough to be a strapless dress and still almost hit the floor. Or you're supposed to have a dramatic train following faithfully behind. At his time at Kenzo, Antonio Marras created some of the most beautifully earthy, folky, grandiose pieces and this is no exception. The flared fabric in the tail, the long, sleek front lines; its serene yet salt of the earth, no doubt presented with a vine of ivy twirled around the models hair and face. That's what I see anyway, and of course the contrast naive pink lining. Gorgeous, and playful again.

If there ever was a waist defining garment then this is it! In person, the fabric of this dress subtly catches the light and twinkles as it moves, from black to purple to grey and a few bits inbetween, its quite magical. Coupled with its absolutely flawless fit; sitting high on the neck and arms to elongate the torso, perfect for the dinner where you can't eat anything as the dress has no room for error where your stomach wants to expand, popping out with a little bit of puff at the bum to enhance the waist even more and tapering in sharply like a hobbly pencil, it follows the body to a T and makes everything look 'better'. Add the bow and narrow self belt, a pair of patent platform pumps and the tightiest, fittiest LBJ (little black jacket, I'm sure im not the first to coin this term :P) and bam, the hottest girl in the room!

Finally, Missoni, who else?! Just so clever, its a subverted striped jumper, looking like its a Google Maps directions trail thats been stretched to take the long route, or maybe more familiar, a graded Gerber pattern where you've screwed up the notching (too obscure a reference I think... hmmm), either way, its a great woollen one to laze the afternoon away, whack on with jeans to go shopping, pick up kids, coffee with a girlfriend, my god, what kind of life do I lead haha! Love it.

See you soon my bloggy (bloggie), I don't know... Enjoy yourselves, xx!