Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Spirit of Black Dresses and Fashion/Art!

Hello dear '99ers!
Its been a little while since the last post but rest assured there is always something happening here in Paris '99 land. And of course its also Paris Fashion Week, which draws to a close tomorrow but has given us some stellar collections this season, and in fact all of Fashion Month was just a cut above, its something in the economy I hope, creative boost, finance boost, everyone happy indeed!
It is also the pre-season for L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, and I have already been to 2 out of the 6 or so events I plan to be at. Last night was the Gala Launch for the Spirit of the Black Dress, as posted earlier, and also the opening for the Fashion Loves Art Loves Fashion exhibition at Sophie Gannon Gallery.
This was my first stop, and primarily to see the collaboration between MATERIALBYPRODUCT and Julia DeVille. Both these artisans have been carefully and tirelessly carving out their own distinct signatures in the field of fashion and jewellery design for years. Julia is known for her mixing beautiful stones with animal bones in a romantic as opposed to macabre manner, and Susan Dimasi has long been refining her design systems to produce fashion that is sustainable in both its production values and timeless style.
The whole exhibition however, was fabulous, showcasing the collaborations between artists and designers of the highest calibre. We had Del Kathryn Barton continuing her romance with Sydney's Romance Was Born, Josh Goot teamed up with John Nicholson to make some stunning peep toe boots with feature heels and Scanlan and Theodore's spring campaign as shot by the legendary Nan Goldin, who I incidentally discovered on my absolute favourite show, Six Feet Under, where Claire goes to art school and her shenanigans continue.
Enjoy the photos!

Oops! Technology fiend! My 1s and 2s and 0s got all mixed, this is clearly the Scanlan image, Julia and MBP begin with the vintage mannequin, enjoy!

 The full Scanlan catalogue, it will be cherished forever in my collection :)

So this piece is made from the cross section of the heels, or rather the heels are made from many of these pieces joined together, amazing!

Kinda killer, yum :)

Here it is, a typical and beautiful MBP work with pinked edges, marking dots and woven seams.

Suspended arms and be-ring-ed hands.

 The amazing crystal saddle, and the deer was stillborn, no animal was harmed, in fact it was somewhat saved!

Fabulous quilt, every inch covered in detail!

A beautiful cultural meesh-maash by Romance was born, a bit Afghani, a bit Peruvian, a lot cool :).

The amazing Erin Wasson, one of my all-time favourites, and the shots have such a beautiful mood, Nan Goldin but with only a hint of the darkness she usually captures.

Wow, not bad a for a quick in and out right!
A glass of lovely white and a chat to the wonderful Susan Dimasi about what's what in the zoo (haha), I headed back onto our wonderful public transport system where, yes, I received a cat call, (really?!). Perhaps I should mention I was wearing leather horse riding gaiters that are like compression bandages on my calves, a Tom Ford for YSL tuxedo jacket and ripped up jeans, and was draped in my gorgeous rabbit fur throw (which actually zips onto the bottom of its companion coat which will surely make a number of appearances this winter!). Fair enough I suppose!

Outside, in the line at The Trust (on Flinders Lane, just behind the Immigration Museum) I met and had a chat with the mother of one of the designers, what a fabulous start to the night.
Inside, it was all systems go, and if I may congratulate the wonderful Jane Hayes (and team) on a simply flawless evening. The champagne was flowing, trays of little sweets, slices and candy abounded and the turnout was huge and of the highest quality indeed! (Fabulous to catch up with and meet all of you, you know who you are ;)!) (Too many brackets, confused much.. I am..)

And of course, so were the black dresses we were all there for! In its 4th year, the event looks for fashion forward but sustainably designed/made/conceived garments, and none of the dresses tonight actually looked 'sustainable', but what does that mean anyway? Well, a whhhooooolllleee other story not for this particular post anyway, but if you want to know my opinion, just ask!:)
From Lisa Taranto's couture-esque gown with triangular folds and a big pouffed skirt which then cascaded to the ground, Sonya Kraan's intricately folded woollen skirt with a perfectly fitted leather bodice, Gabriella Ferrante's dramatic sliced up leather dress with bustier detail and almost literally the cheekiest of them all Berri Drum's hand crocheted number where the loops grew in size towards the hem, every dress was different and all of them welcome.

As luck would have it, my trust iPhone ran flat out of battery and so I only could get a few reasonably qualitied shots (say what you will...).

The intro video, wet tresses and dresses and all, I loved the music, worked with the mood perfectly.

My dear friend Sonya Kraan's folded dress, amazing technical skill!

Berri Drum's crochet number.

 Gabriella Ferrante, definitely a highlight of the night! (and lovely mum too!)

Jessica Robertson from Slow Palette in Syndey. What a wonderful technique working with silk chiffon, the dress almost floats off the body.

Christina Exie, and I must say the designers silver jewelled bodice was amazing in itself (there'll be pictures on other blogs I'm sure!)

Lovely flowing back by Christina Exie.

The finale, and Lisa Taranto's skilfully made dress can be seen!

And here are the aforementioned gaiters, before, and a much relieved after!

It was a pleasure seeing everyone at the start of what is to be a fabulous and impressive week! And dont' forget, if you at any stage want some time out and a champagne and quiet balcony, the salon and me are available 24/7 throughout the whole week (*tongue in cheek wink*)

xx to all!!

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