Wednesday, 21 March 2012

'Tis beginning to look a lot like winter...Greens and reds and greys :)

Hello my dears,

Thought I'd keep you in the loop about some new and exciting things that are hanging around nonchalantly around the salon. Please enjoy, and come and visit as we slowly but surely head towards autumn! (And judging by this post, its all red and green with a bit of grey, but its not like Christmas don't worry).

Bottega Veneta mock tortoiseshell glasses. These a very wide and have a clear frame with the brown grid lines, lovely.

The case, though indeed a case, is actually a really beautiful clutch! It is padded, and fits an iPhone, credit cards, and some diamonds, what else does one need? :)

Donna Karan Collection shirred soft jacket blouse concoction with external binding details. You know I love garments that don't really fit into one discernible category. And this is made in Italy, while now dear Ms Karan produces predominantly in China. SOLD

Le back... ALSO SOLD

 Please excuse my iPhone's inability to capture colours correctly. This absolutely gorgeous Gianni Versace jacket is a real loden green (think Bavarian jacket!). It has the skinniest arms and padding in the hips as well as padded lining, so masc/fem, and military is a real mood for next winter, so why not have it before everyone else does haha!

Love the details all over.

And another Gianni, shocking pink mink collared coat. This is a wool, mohair and angora mix, but feels like a cashmere. The pockets are still stitched up, and I promise that if you are not afraid of the colour you will put it on and it will never come off, just stunning! I also like the old school mink, with the bristly hairs left in, it has such an edge!

Aforementioned old school mink :)

Belted back :)

Wow, how 'how' are these pants from Kenzo?, just so 'how'! (Horrendous grammar intended...) These are like totally Japanese warrior/ forgettable 90s 'rapper', though on this I am not the expert. The Prince of Wales check takes these to a warped take on tailoring level, and with a teeny tiny black jacket and murderous pumps (loving the word murderous all of a sudden hmm), you would just own. Own what? Who cares!

 Nice detail once more!

Deceivingly simple, this Michael Kors collection skirt is a silk shantung in the most vibrant of coral tones, melon even, loving it with thick tights and a heavy coat for winter. Yum, melon :).

One of my perennial favourites, Narciso Rodriguez. Same thing as above, simple line, gorgeous fabric. This is beaded boucled (I don't think I made that up) cotton mesh net. Look at the close-up. Finished with a self bind, amazing.

Can you see the whole thing is made of mesh with interwoven yarns and beads? If not, come and see in person haha!

Narciso again. Trust me, one cannot go wrong with a pair of crisp cotton drill tapering pants in forest. That is all...

Michael Kors again, he cuts a great skirt, what can I say? Well I can say that he cuts a great skirt! Simple shape, beautiful use of shimmering fabric paint in the print, the light does wonders to what you see. :)

Viktor & Rolf, Holland's enfants terribles, well, naughty jongen (my Dutch is all but lost now friends...). Love the silhouette of this jacket. It holds its shape and you look like a circle on top. Big shoes necessary indeed. :)

Le back...

Finally for today, the master of East meets West, Yohji Yamamoto. This double breasted pea-style coat is made from sturdy wool gaberdine, and the contrast top-stitch reveals the construction and also creates strange 3D ridges in the jacket, making seem more structured and somewhat more armour like. Not for the faint hearted, and Yohji never is.

See, ridges, I told you!

Enjoy, and see you soon for more!


  1. Okay. That Yohji is mine! No one should take it when they visit Paris99! no one!

    I will hunt you down!

    1. Thanks Calvin, see you soon! Have a great day :)