Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Website safe and well and just arrived goodies!

Hello dear '99ians/iennes :)

The website issue has been sorted so feel free to browse it fearlessly, though really you will end up here where all the action happens (well apart from in the salon itself of course) ;)!

Please enjoy some of these newly arrived goodies, so much to see and such fab designers. Let me run you through them!

I absolutely love Antonio Berardi. From the early 2000s till now his work is fresh, detailed, immaculately constructed using fantastic fabrics and always embodies an innate sex appeal and sexiness without vulgarity. A perfect example is this dress/top/jacket/cardigan/concoction. The minute I saw this I knew it was gold. Its light, it drapes beautifully, the lace is so intricately constructed. It really is a piece for when everything is last minute, you simply slip into it, whack on a red lip, a black pump and clutch and its off into the taxi for a fabulous night out!

Dolce & Gabbana, 30 years in fashion and at the top of their game! This jacket is just, just. And by that I mean its the epitome of chic. The gold buttons, the lightly puffed sleeves and the double cuffs and collar are the kinds of details that lift it to the next level; everything is considered, precise and makes perfect sense. Of course open it up and you have the unmistakable Dolce leopard print lining and signature gold logo drop chain, and the beauty of it is that only you know about them.SOLD

Raf Simons' spring 2008 collection for Jil Sander was just stunning. Pink, white, blue and orange in the most intense of tones were given restraint with perfect cutting, minute details and plenty of wispy and billowing tulle. This one of a kind sample from the collection is made from a crinkly wrinkly crepe and lined with flesh coloured silk organza. It literally floats around the wearer as the fabrics have so much body and dimension. The slim cut lapel echoes both the narrow positioning of the buttons and the severity of the arms. For best results, combine with long flowing black gown, or white shirt, jeans and boots for two looks that will make you stand out of the crowd, and that's what we all want right? :)SOLD

You all know Luca Luca is one of my favourite labels, and here is just another reason why! This jacket is almost like a cape, it swings out at the back, closes only at the neck with a hook and eye and falls beautifully around the body. The fabric too is divine, a 3D square check in brown and pink, with an almost boucle layer mixed in as well. There is a dress to match, a simple shift with button details on the neck in the shame shade of pink. That was a clever styling move, as two garments in this same fabric would create an almost hallucinogenic effect to those observing, and we should never be too garish I say!

Marc Jacobs is a fashion force. Though of course I understand it from a business point of view, all his diffusion lines and trinkets are not why I love him. The top line collection however, is another story. Take this jacket. On appearance and touch I'm almost certain its silk taffeta, but I am mistaken. It is made from cotton/polyester, though I'm sure the polyester is somewhat like a film which gives it its silky appearance. It even sounds like silk, with a discernible scroop (what a fabulous word haha). The little details like the press stud closure hidden by a rosette and the bow tie on the back waist make it just that little bit more sweet. Its a bit like a candy cane in clothing form actually. And the inside is delicately padded for extra warmth, but you'd never know, its light and fun and perfect for a lift on a gloomy day!

Clearly I have a shoulder fascination as whether its jackets, dress or like this, little tops, the shoulder is always getting a little puff treatment. This little Balenciaga top keeps it interesting with its almost seersucker-like fabric. It is silk, but there is definitely a spring in the step of the vertical 'ribs' of the fabric. Ghesquiere has used the fabric to its full potential, utilising all directions; the flounce is cut on the bias, the neck-tie on the off grain, and this creates extra movement and beautiful lines around the piece. I see it worn with a slightly flounced skirt and almost non existent shoes, or over jeans with a black cotton jacket for ease. Tell me what you think.

I just love abstract prints, prints that look kooky but aren't actually anything. Stains, smears, strange shapes, love it. So of course this putty coloured Jil Sander number is right up my alley. Made from simple but luminous cotton poplin it sits just at the knees and button blind (invisible buttons). I think blind  buttoning is very clever as it makes it seem as though the garment and the wearer are one, and that may be a slightly bizarre concept but I like it :). So then the print. Its as if the dress was folded in places as the printing happened, and areas were left cracked and smudged. It fits right in with that slightly broken beauty that Raf Simons achieved in his time at the label, and coming into Autumn its the perfect time for this dress.

Chloe jeans, what more to say. These have a really nice fit around the thighs and then they flare out ever so slightly. Not boot, not straight, somewhere in between. You must of course have long long legs, but then again, getting jeans taken up is very easy indeed :).

I just love this Thakoon cotton skirt with ribbon trim details. It actually almost looks as if it has been stitched over with celluloid, or movie film (though of course a textile version). The crinkled cotton feels like it has been waxed which gives the skirt a real 3D feel, it pretty much stands up on its own. With a simple tank and long jacket its still the focus of your outfit, without dominating you!

Who doesn't love an easy 'go-to' top to throw on with jeans, tailored pants, skirts, jackets, the whole she-bang! This Chloe silk ruffled sleeveless top is certainly the one. Its light, breezy and works dressed up, dressed down, taking the kids to and from school, light lunch, fancy dinner (with a jacket and voluminous skirt), layer necklaces all over it with a pencil skirt, just so many options!!

I have mentioned to you Sari Gueron before, the young New Yorker. Well this is another of her gorgeous things. Think 1920s, 1960s, cabaret lounge fabulousness. It is silk, sits slightly off the shoulders and is framed by the velvet strip. The polka dots are devoreed velvet and all down the front are beaded silk rosettes decorated with blue/green tinged feathers. It is just delightful, and needs a fascinator and a small glass vodka bottle as an accessory. Love it!

To change it up here is the amazing construction detail first. The seams have been faggoted together with the crochet in between (and yes, faggoting is indeed the technique)! The use of a non solid piece in what is the actual shaping of the jacket and for it to sit so flat could only really be achieved by the workrooms of Italy. The shoulders have a beautiful shape, and the front closure is actually 22 sturdy hooks and eyes; this is not a quick off and into bed jacket, but it will absolutely get you to the stage just before bed! Enjoy!SOLD

xx :)

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