Monday, 12 March 2012

DI$COUNT @ Penthouse Mouse RUNWAY 2!

Hello my dear Paris '99ers,
This was the night when dreams were made, tears were cried and new and exciting things emerge from Melbourne's fashion belly!
That's right, the Penthouse Mouse Runway Series, the most achingly cool place to be during LMFF took place on Friday night in the most achingly cool warehouse in no longer seedy Fitzroy, ok well, a little seedy for a Southsider like me :).
Anyway, the kids were out and about to see the hottest new underground designers in town, and I came along in great to support to two amazing girls who I've had the pleasure to know for quite a few years and watch them grow and do big things (Gaga, Britney, M.I.A are all fans indeed)!
The air was thick with anticipation as the seats filled up, and I managed to score a really good and clear view of the runway, ok well, good for the naked eye, and quite terribly awful for a little iPhone camera which struggled immensely with the all the action and lighting which lit up the whole frame. No complaints, it made for some really interesting, moody and drunk-like photos as you'll see below.

It was a real RMIT reunion; Raggatt, as designed by Naomi Raggatt who graduated when I just started the course, Above, designed by Nyssa Marrow, who was the year above me, and of course Nadia Napreychikov who started with me and finished with Cami James a year after in 2009.
Although the clothes from Above and Raggatt were beautifully conceived, cut and finished (RMIT standards of course), I felt that the finer details that really made the pieces were a little lost on the runway with its harsh lighting and inability to really see the clothes up-close, but that is a minor complaint.
The structured drape at Raggatt was lovely, and pieces seemed to almost fold in on themselves and emerge again. This could be seen in the skirts and dresses. I really loved a beautiful agile red silhouette with intricate folding from just above the waist and under the knee in the pant (see photo for its gorgeous movement, imagine you have consumed much alcohol..).

Above's collection featured all manner of traditionally tailored garments with cutaway backs, sheer inserts and much layering. Sleeveless trenches put over sheer sleeved vests and a backless pea-coat paired with a sheer skirt were a highlight for me. I even congratulated Nyssa post show with the terrible phrase 'your cutting was a cut above' (pun honestly not intended...)!

And then a massive cheer rose from the crowd as the DI$COUNT video started with loud blaring music then continued without, flashing fast still images of the girls' work, their studio, their logo, the hand sewn $ signature in the lining of their statement studded hypercolour leather jackets, and then the music started again, and we were off!
Loud, glaring, obnoxious, colourful, sequined, pinned, studded, belted, aggressive, platformed, gimpy, sexy, punk, clubby, this is DI$COUNT!
Gianni Versace smiles from fashion heaven, and Jean-Paul Gaultier, Jeremy Scott and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac had better certainly watch their asses, as these girls and their collection pack a serious bite!
Funnily enough, Nadia told me after the show that the video should have played as the models walked, danced and snaked their way around the runway, but I assured her that no-one even noticed and it was one hell of an exciting intro.
Enjoy! xx

And now hopefully my first ever video will work, if not, sorry, just come over and I'll show you on my phone! :)

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