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'Tis Oscar time, lets reminisce!

Hello dear Paris '99ers!
Wow it was an absolutely scorching! weekend as summer decided to make a late entry, next week is autumn, hmmm, and well, as we speak, its Oscar time! Red Carpet extravaganza to be sure :).

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I thought seeing as I enjoy looking at what has come before it would be a nice idea to reminisce about some beautiful fashion moments on the biggest Red Carpet in the world!

Starting exactly 10 years ago with a certain Alexander McQueen look on Gwyneth Paltrow.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Alexander McQueen, 2002 Oscars. Image taken from thanks :)

Now I actually think that this is a really beautiful skirt, the detail in the pleating is stunning, and as it opens out into that softly billowed taffeta train, yum! And the top, well you know, its McQueen, and even though it was perhaps not as Oscars as we'd seen her in (cue tissues for that frothy pink Ralph Lauren gown when she won), I thought she looked great.

Another interesting but totally fitting choice was Bjork, in support of her film 'Dancer in the Dark' in 2001. Of course how could we forget the 'Swan' by Marjan Pejoski, her stylist and a designer in his own right. Of course Bjork has worn all the 'odd and interesting' designers; Junya Watanabe, Hussein Chalayan, so really, what's the difference being adorned as a swan!

Of course Cher must get a mention for her role in Oscar fashion antics. When she won in 1988 for Moonstruck she rocked none other than a sparkle king Bob Mackie beaded dress which apart from a wink to modesty was completely sheer, and looked fabulous doing it!

Now I've always been a fan of Hilary Swank. In 2000 when she first won for Boys Don't Cry, she wore a green strapless gown by American designer Randolph Duke, very nice. But really, her dress in 2004, for Million Dollar Baby was an outright stunner. Designed by Herve Leger (under the pseudonym Herve L. Leroux) while he was actually designer at another fabulous Parisian house Guy Laroche (yes, internalise that for a minute...), it was my favourite style of dress, guess what, an 'exit'.
In the darkest of blues, with a high neck, cross draped waist, long sleeves and to the floor, with a completely open back (and of course her's was looking great after all the boxing training) and a cascading train. I thought it epitomised Swank's glamourous but a little left bank chic. Enjoy.

Another off-beat favourite of mine (and maybe everybody's...) is of course Tilda. She who can do no wrong.
What better way to dress to the Oscars than in a majestic sack dress. No ordinary sack dress of course, but a washed silk, asymmetric sack from the as yet to be shown Lanvin winter 2009 collection. I as a lover of unusual drape loved the weight of the right side as contrasted to the simple shift idea of the left. And of course when she lifted her golden man into the air Alber Elbaz's creation took on new life and it was as if she was a porcelain phoenix rising into the air on its wing!

Now its time for an Oscar classic. Not only was it the first year that both lead acting roles were won by African American actors (good intro sentence with absolutely no relevance to fashion I realise ;P), but a Lebanese fashion king was immortalised into Oscar history, and his brand exploded in the West. I have been to the flagship Paris boutique and let me tell you, it is opulence at its finest. I speak of course of Elie Saab, and Halle Berry's dress when she won for Monster's Ball. Everything has been said about this dress, so Ill just show it and let you all remember it in all its glory for yourselves. Don't cry too much now though.

Another regular hitter on the Oscars circuit is Cate Blanchett, perhaps my favourite 'fashiony' celebrity (if you're reading this Cate, do come and visit ;)). In 2011 she wore a beautiful Givenchy Haute Couture gown with a circular cut back and yellow beading, perhaps a precursor to the yellow madness that was to hit runways soon after. I love Cate's ability to slide between Armani powersuits, Dries Van Noten demure dresses and all the way to proper couture gowns. This dress falls somewhere in the middle of the last two categories.

As you can see I appreciate people doing it differently at the Oscars, and in 2001 Angelina Jolie certainly did when she wore a simple white Dolce and Gabbana suit. The previous year she won Best Supporting Actress for Girl, Interrupted wearing a long black dress widely touted as her worst look over (a bit harsh but one can see why). Ever a fashion chameleon, Angelina shifted into light, white and minimal with this look.

As a parting note on what we have seen till now, we must congratulate Ann Hathaway, and of course Rachel Zoe, who 'died' as much a cat at last years Oscars. My stand outs are the Tom Ford, Armani Prive and that fabulous Red Carpet red opener by Valentino.

Enjoy! xx

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