Monday, 6 February 2012

Some fabulous pieces!

Hello dear Paris '99ers, I hope all your weeks have been lovely, and that no-one was harmed in any way by the vicious winds that ripped through Melbourne yesterday.
I have been busy busy and loving every minute of it. I have some new pieces to show off to you, and even though the heat and sunshine has been very random and sporadic this year, believe it or not it is almost time for winter!
And so, please enjoy, and there will be a whole host more newly arrived pieces for the colder, cosier months.

This jacket truly needs to be touched to be appreciated fully. It is by the wonderful Milanese designer Maurizio Pecoraro, an undiscovered gem with the most beautiful creations. The jacket is made from the softest angora, slightly brushed for a warm and fuzzy texture, appearance, and feel. The buttons are literally little mirrors and the whole jacket is like a comfortable blanket, with a kind of 'Rive Gauche '70s' attitude. The belt, with its wide buckle, helps to anchor the waist, and when paired with a long black trouser there is nothing better. Made by Olmar and Mirta (famous for producing Rick Owens and Gareth Pugh).

I just love this amazing shirt by Haider Ackermann, how can he do any wrong? This is an earlier work, but shows all the hallmarks of his considered drape, unusual technique and masculine feminine mix. Made from cotton, the sleeves have been carefully smocked, which cinches the arm at the elegant 'bracelet' length. The cuff does not close, but instead buttons asymmetrically just under the smocking to create a skewed and slightly disorientating feel. To add another point of interest to the mix, on the left above the smocking is an unstructured pocket akin to a mechanic's cigarette pack pocket. Finally a freely constructed hidden button tab finish off this simple but important piece from one of today's most influential fashion figures.

From another influential (and Belgian) figure is this golden folded skirt. Raf Simons has developed his own dialect using the highly established language of Jil Sander, and the possibilities are endless with the talent and know how of the atelier in Milan. This woollen skirt is covered by a 'film' of nylon, which really highlights the sheen of the gold. The magic comes from the absolute simplicity and starkness of the front panel, and the unexpected yet completely welcome subtly folded back. They start small and neatly, making the shape at the waist, and grow equally and precisely towards the hem. The whole effect is simple up and down, paired with a simple silk cami and an almost invisible shoe it is the epitome and minimal yet impressive dressing.

On an entirely different note and harking to a completely different time is this Anna Molinari dress that would have been right at home on the dancefloor at Studio 54, or perhaps a bit later in a mansion in Texas. It could only be made from a sturdy viscose crepe, slinky and clingy, as is certainly necessary. The vertical seaming of the body lengthens, and the horizontal seams at the shoulder exaggerate the volume at the top for a more ruthless, powerful persona. For modesty, much tape is needed, but in this dress, who really needs modesty!

And to finish us off for the moment, these simply stunning pumps by Gucci. In a light blue/slate grey satin covered with a floral lace they are dainty and elegant, until one sees the heel. Stacked wood, heavy and not to be reckoned with, it restores that feminine strength that is most basic at Gucci. Perfect for a night out with a gown, a light lunch with the girls, or with a pair of fitted jeans and a blazer, they are an essential in every woman's wardrobe.

Hope you liked, till next time :) xx

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