Sunday, 25 August 2013

Paris '99: Fashion at the Louvre!

Hello dear '99ers!
To deviate a bit from my usual bulk writing style, here is pictorial essay of just some of the incredible fashion references one can find at the most famous museum in the world, the Louvre! With the obligatory pic of the Mona Lisa (last time I did see it was 1999, not much has changed apart from the fact we had only film cameras then, I guess a lot has changed then...), I saw everything as being super sumptuous and luxurious; from the rigidity and hardness of the Dutch, to the romance and fluidity of the Italians, there is soooooo much inspiration, and lots of footwear actually! Read my captions or form your own ideas and wow moments, and please excuse some of the glare in the pics, I promise I would never use flash! Enjoy xxx :)

I would use this ribbon as a guide for the fall of the rest of the garment; a coat, a wrap dress, love it!

Those breeches are delicious, as well as the stripe on the puff sleeve and the fit of the vest!

Who could say no to a pair of blue suede ankle boots, man or woman, yum!

And never mind the wrap sandal, add a killer heel and off you go!

I love a peep toe/foot with gold leather in the middle, don't you? :)

Does this not just scream McQueen?!?

Metal mesh garter belt, Versace eat your heart out!

Now there is a gentleman's waist!

Can you say steel blue metal gaitors, seriously!

This is a great Synagogue, how Guggenheim!

There she is thrown in for good measure :S

Her far more impressive neighbour, now there's a painting!

Gorgeous drape, Galliano indeed!

I love the colour combinations of the men, so fashion forward, even if not necessarily intended haha!

The gold trim gets me on this one!

What a gorgeous trim and weave on the carpet/wrap scarf ;)

Just because everyone else was going it too, and though it doesn't appear so, there were heaps of peeps!

That gold gem encrusted vest says Dolce to me!

The above two are here because I love a fur backed embroidered brocade as much as anyone else!

I feel the above the knee pumpkin pants making a comeback!

Now here is a detail loving lady if there ever was one, right up to the light as air serious ruff!

That Mickey Mouse shoulder and her severely high cheekbones put all the Dutch models to shame!

Alberta Ferretti would love this for sure, the queen of chiffon, and the leather armbands, yes!


Baby got back! And scrunchy suede boots too for good measure!

This is a pant everyone, love it!

Anything mink trimmed and I say mmhmmm! And check out the cut on the jacket, triple darts!

Armour gets me everytime, I see this in leather, and the shield is a must have accessoire daarling!

Great detail on the shoulder, Christobal would be proud!

Fashionable nuns, that looks a decent amount of Duchess satin to me, and pearl trim, why not?!

Boys were so much more elaborately dressed and powdered back then, its all very Valentino no?

Stacked heel and total square front, with a bit of tweaking this would work, ribbons included of course!

Gold. Brocade.Enough.Said.!!

If only to have this as one's ceiling, the physio would be ecstatic! :)

Till next time, come and say hi! xxx

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