Monday, 2 September 2013

Haute Couture Paris Exhibition, the finale!

Hello dear Paris '99ers!
We come to the end of our time spent in the great city just as spring arrives here in Melbourne. To finish off I thought I would show you some of my favourites from a most gorgeous exhibition held at the Hotel de Ville (city hall, not another fancy hotel), showcasing arguably the most illustrious and luxurious level that can be achieved in fashion: Haute Couture!
Put together by the Musee Galliera from their extensive collection, the exhibition had been opened for a while, and as luck would have, was due to close the same week as our visit to Paris, how parfait!
Strangely enough for a European exhibition there was strictly no photography, flash or none, ridicule :S.
So of course naughty me, what do I do, but casually and deliberately take candid photos.
Now, like all things done a little on the sly, some of these turned out better than others, some reflections in the glass, some wayward bystander obstructing the shot, so please use your imagination; couture invites you to do this naturally! xxx

Gaultier Paris (Jean-Paul Gaultier Haute Couture), the label is all lace and amazing, just like this totes shredded denim number!


Maison Martin Margiela, I like it better here than on Kanye :)

No gym for the week just wear this insanely divinely crystalled Dior Couture by John Galliano!

Maurizio Galante cut out long gown, to die!

Gaultier Paris all in one suit tuxedo dress everything, LOVE!

Christobal needs no introduction, such intense feathering!

Tischy at Givenchy Couture, individual gold chains, seriously.

Love a satin taffeta number, Montana at Lanvin!

Everyone loves Azzedine, especially me! Divine!

Adeline Andre on the left, a French couturiere known for her use of the 3rd sleeve to change a dress completely!

Schiap! She was friends with Dali and Chanel's number one rival!

Hour-glass Thierry Mugler on the left, love how the pos/neg makes you look sooooopppeeerr skinny!

Lanvin knot twist hat, fabulous! No bad hair days here, bit straw-like perhaps :)

Famous Yves Saint Laurent circle cut lace back dress, amazing!

The cover image, a stunning bias cut Vionnet gown.

The folding technique on the dress is insane, all circular folds leading into the pleated skirt!

Take yourself on a journey far far away with John Galliano, could only be him!

Lacroix bustling it up! (With Dior blue in the background!)

Chanel by Chanel and Chanel by Karl.

Vionnet draping an awesome back!

Givenchy again, I love this dress, I have a poster of it at the salon, fierce!

All decades in one, 60's 80's take your pick! 

What Balenciaga was doing in the 60's, youthquake poothquake! Amazing!

Who can you spot! (clues, Christian x 2, John, Jean Paul, Azzedine, Karl, Elsa and more!)

Till next time, remember to stay in touch on FB, INST, TWT and of course best is to come say hi at the salon, call first haha! xxx

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