Sunday, 4 August 2013

Paris '99 in Paris 2013 pt1!

Hello dear '99ers!

About a year ago, a dear dear friend of mine announced the date for his wedding, to be held somewhere in Israel. I was overjoyed and began to make preparations, at which time my bestiest of friends Maria, announced her interest in joining me, making me even more overjoyed! And even more-so when we decided together to add some time in Paris and London to proceedings.
The following posts chronicle our 3 week extravaganza trip in the heat the European summer, and what wonderful heat it is! Enjoy!

We must have had the air-plane gods on our side; spare seats, a two in a row window/aisle combo, and remarkably few screaming children. A pick me up coffee and massage at Bangkok airport and we were on our way to a 6am landing in Tel Aviv, which was really a self made 'transit' (of course we had to collect our baggage and pass Israeli security twice in the process), before finally arriving in Paris almost 40 hours later, hooray!

For those who are seeking a place to stay in Paris that is actually local and not over-run by tourists, I highly recommend the Oberkampf area nuzzled in between the Marais and Republique. Think of it like Northcote, Collingwood and Fitzroy all in one. Grungy, scungy, hipster, vibing and fun. I had actually stayed in the same hotel when we went to Paris for fashion week with A.F Vandevorst, and I actually bumped into Arnaud, the owner of the awesome showroom that A.F use every season. Even though the last time we'd met was 2009 he remembered me as the one from Australia, I must be memorable haha!

Rue St. Maur, and a sneaky snap of the entryway to what is the A.F Vandevorst showroom; the memories!

So, in Paris, one must trudge, hit the curb and not stop. Well, that's how we saw it anyway. Leaving the hotel at 8 every morning and returning sometime around 11 or 12 at night while on foot 90% of the time soft feet doth not make! In fact I didn't realise that such blisters could actually exist! (Don't worry, everything has since subsided and my feet are back to normal as such...).

A summary of our foot coverage. From Republique to the Av. Montaigne, then down way south past the Rive Gauche (thinking we were heading back north, nope). From the Tour Eiffel back along Rue de Rivoli towards the Marais, with a detour to Sacre Couer and Montmartre into the 16th by way of the Quartier Latin. Yes, here there and everywhere. Add to that a firm stroll along St. Honore (ay) and the Place Vendome and literally the fastest mega tour through Le Louvre (every floor of all three wings visiting every room that was open) in 3.25 hours and you could say we definitely 'did' Paris!

First dinner in Paris!

Place de la Republique!

Tango at Republique, 11pm on Tuesday night, ahh Paris!

The Chambre Syndicale! So many have walked through its famed doors!

Perhaps my favourite place to wander, wonder and relax a Paris, the Palais Royale!

I've been informed Parisians find this annoying and touristy. I tend to agree.

Our first glimpse of the Tour!

Another Tour, of St Jacques. As we walked past here a good friend (Stellsy) recounted the story of when another gorgeous girl (Low-Ren) was working for Kanye on his collection and he told her to drop her pants! Imagine what you would do/think/say/squeal!

Chicken salad after chicken devoured. One of the countless amazing meals we enjoyed on the corner of a fabulous terrace, with bread, butter, cheese and the most divine mustard! Oh, and L'eau de Robinet (which the waiters hate so much when you ask for!)

Stunning evening view from one of windows at Le Louvre!

The Tour close up; we came, we shrugged, we didn't climb, we left.

Sacre Couer, we came, we climbed (proper steps steps btw), we entered, we left. Duh.


As close as I got to the Arc this time, unless you count the zoom of course.

Last Petit Dejeuner in Paris, and as luck would have it, the best! xx!

Et Voila, first one down. Come back in a few days for installment two; Fashion and Art in Paris 2013! xxxx

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