Monday, 19 November 2012

Fashion and books galore at Paris '99!!

Dear Paris '99ers!
How do you be? It truly is the pointy end of the year isn't it, so much going on, so many parties, so many events, so many dresses to find, buy, wear and cherish!
As you know, over the years I have amassed a rather massive, haha, collection of fashion books, magazines, lookbooks, dvds, cut outs etc etc etc, most of which are stored in my family's trusty shed due to lack of space at the salon.
Well, I thought it high time to add volumes to the collection!
Amazon, the bain of book shops world wide, but truly the best source for picking up incredible books at minuscule prices (free plug, I don't do sponsored posts haha). After only about an hour on this glorious website I was rubbing my hands with glee, and impatiently waiting for my shipment of 18, yes its true, 18 fabulous fashion books both new and old.
Now before you say, what about Book Depository?? Well, an insider friend of mine informed me that this hyped UK site is actually owned by none other than, Amazon! So for all their free postage, the prices are slightly pumped up to compensate. It's true, check it out for yourselves.
Anyway, a few weeks down the track, and here they are, my new books!

Due to copyright and reproduction laws, and of course out of my respect to the authors, photographers and publishers involved, there is no way I could show you every glorious image from every one of these books. To do that you must come and visit and lose yourselves in book land, and clothes land too.
Many of the items pictured have come and gone through Paris's heavy glass door, some with me realising only later (oo I had that, amazing!).
The images here are taken from, in somewhat of an order;
'Love looks not with the eyes' Lee Alexander McQueen, by photographer Anne Deniau, who captured all the power and grace backstage at McQueen's shows over 13 years. Tiny moments and details glimpsed through the 15 minutes of madness.
'Story Teller' from Tim Walker, whose vision is as wild as it is grand. The production design, decoration and concept on all the shoots shown is just phenomenal. His work is funny, serious, historical, creepy, engrossing, theatrical, bold, isolated, fuzzy and spectacular all at the same time, both the fashion and celebrity images. Tilda Swinton, Alber Elbaz, Alexander McQueen, Polly Mellen, Rene Redzepi, Helena Bonham Carter and many more get the Walker treatment.
'Private View' the latest 'best of' by Mario Testino who needs no introduction. Shoots from a plethora of magazines appear, of models and celebrities, both posed and spontaneous, and the list reads like a who's who of the greatest calibre. Gwynth Paltrow, Josh Hartnett, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, the Beckhams, Kate Moss, Madonna, Keira Nightly, Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Aniston, Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld,  all fashion and culture royalty. And though I haven't pictured any, a whole section is dedicated to portraits of all members of the Royal Family, Diana, Charles, Camilla, Harry, William and Kate. Of course don't discount him merely as a celebrity photographer, Testino has captured some of fashion's most iconic images, bold, sexual, modern, perverse. Gemma Ward as a Stepford wife cutting off her eyelashes and many images taken while Tom Ford reigned at Gucci, including the 'Pubic G' from the Spring 2003 campaign. Divine.

'Nick Knight' simply titled, by Nick Knight features my favourite fashion image of all time. Devon Aoki, one of the greatest models (big call I know), but also known for her roles in Fast and the Furious (one of them...) and as Miho in Sin City, in which she never spoke but ruled the screen, is seen with a 'glass' eye lens, a safety pin and floral pin through her forehead and in one of the brocade high necked dresses from McQueen's Spring 1997 collection. Her boring stare get me time, and by boring I mean she bores into you and doesn't let go! Also featured are many of Night's shots from the Christian Dior campaigns from the late 1990s into 2005, many featuring Gisele Bundchen of course.

Enjoy this visual feast, each photographer with a distinct and wholly different eye, and all working at the same time and often shooting the same garments with a completely different take.

Oh, and keep a lookout on Instagram and Facebook for more snaps from more of my new books, hooray!

till next time,

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