Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Grazia magazine!

Hello dear Paris '99ers!

Hooray! I am so excited to report that we had a beautiful little write-up in this week's Grazia magazine!
It was a complete surprise, well sort of. Let me explain.
I had a call from a woman who had found me online, via this blog no less, and she was tres enthusiastic to come and have a look and a drink and I thought great!
She was so lovely, tall and gorgeous and amazingly spoken, loved fashion, a woman of my own heart haha.
It was a wonderful visit, and then she left (as one must after all).
A couple of weeks later I got a call from an unknown Sydney number requesting images to accompany a review that would go to press really soon! I panicked, a journalist had come, who, when, why didn't I know?
The lovely woman on the phone assured me there was nothing to worry about and that all was well, the words read well. Phewww! Well, really I didn't do anything different, so its good, there is nothing to worry about (for me, or for you beautiful current and future ;) visitors)!
And voila, here is the piece, all about levels of service and styling opportunities in the current shopping landscape. Now I will be naughty and say that my experience kicks arse (ooooh) over Sportsgirl, and I have two friends who work at Sportsgirl, I hope they still love me hahaha!
Please enjoy the article, and I look forward to posting all about my adventures in the USA, off in 2 weeks, hooray!!

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