Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Disclaimer and update post :S

Dear Paris '99ers,
Please dont hate me for being a bad bad blogger. There is no excuse for this at all, and so much has been going on that I haven't yet shared with you.
First things first, you will be seeing and more original Yahav Ron work in the salon. Its a shame to waste all my years of passionate designing and studying fashion both here and abroad, skills and the like, so that's one exciting push I'll be taking.
Secondly, I am truly excited to be going to the US of A in 3 weeks time! The trip will be tres tres intense; schmoozing, socialising, networking, meeting and greeting all in the name of bringing back some amazing pieces for the salon, and in turn, for you!
Watch out La la land, Frisco, Vegas and of course NYC, here I come!
I will certainly try to keep everyone in the loop while I am over there, expect lots of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook updates, and if you haven't already, befriend me (Yahav Ron) follow me (Yahav-Paris99) and follow me (@Paris_99)! How excitement!
And of course, every day, a bevy/bevie (you decide) of fabulous international designer pieces are arriving for your perousal and purchasing pleasure, come and visit me today, its just a phone call/email/tweet/facebook message away, hoorah!

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