Monday, 23 April 2012

Yahav Ron designs! (Yes he can haha)!

Dear Parisians a Melbourne!
As you know, I don't just connect beautiful people with beautiful fashion, I can create a little thing or two myself, and there is nothing like a quiet morning or afternoon to grab some fabric and pins, approach one of my mannequin friends (of which there are now 6) and whip up some sartorial goodness! (Long sentence indeed!)
Lately I've been quite active in this way, and the pieces are made from the same two fabrics, as I purchased quite a lot of each. They are a variation of each other, a beautifully soft silk satin with the faintest of self stripes woven through, and the lightest finest silk/cotton 'voile' I daresay, both in the most glorious burgundy. The satin has a lot less body than others and as such drapes amazingly, and the voile is a little 'crispy', but in the good way of course.
Perhaps you may know I am on the lookout for the perfect industrial sewing machine, so if you know of any going, don't hesitate to get in touch! With that in mind, everything has been lovingly hand stitched with a secure back stitch, which also looks beautiful on the oustide, it swirls back and forth onto itself, lovely.
I am also one for garments that subtly change the way in which they're worn, give you 'options' if you will. So there are breaks in the stitching, secondary armholes which affect the way the dress drapes. I'll stop describing and start showing, please enjoy!

The long and short of it. Both pieces are made from a single rectangle of fabric, there is not one cut in it at all.

The draping backs. With a body inside, the pieces cocoon and taper at the knees, a little bit Poiret I've been told!

Voila, 'le gown', option 1. Arm through the first armholes, creating a pointed bell at the wrist and a draped triangular sleeve.

Option 2. Same pointy bell (though I should have shown you through the end armhole which when the arm is raised, makes a perfect triangle from arm to ankle, love it!) The upper is in armhole two, which creates a circular drape.

The back minus belt, any wind blows and all your shape is 'hugged' by the dress. Come and visit and try it on to see ;)...

Draped with a belt, oh the possibilities! (Shown with Brain Reyes waist belt, its tiny...)

Boom! With the little extra stitch in the front drape, the dress can be worn as a complete one shoulder, and it balances, the arm seam essentially becomes a centre back seam!

Graceful and elegant with a belt again :)

As seen on a real girl! A good friend of mine indeed!

Hope you like, and there will be more, I'm working on continuing to use this method of construction for a while, adding leather, gathering, pleating, it could all be quite cool, tell me when you get over it of course!

Ah, and the short, sheer version (which when belted becomes a top), is now SOLD! (Yay, pat on the back haha).
xx till next time!

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