Thursday, 19 April 2012

New cool weather lovelies!

Hello and welcome back '99ers,
Im preparing you for my long absence in June/July by the long spaces between my posts. Well not really haha!
But yes I will be off to the USA to schmooze and meet and greet and discover, all in the name of the perfect pieces, its true!
There is lots going on here at the salon; designing, making, speaking, visiting, and of course bringing more beautiful sartorialities for your viewing (and wearing indeed) pleasures!

Here are some things floating around at the moment, they are somber, sexy, refined, playful, many words to describe. I hope you do enjoy!

This Carolina Herrera jacket is actually less boxy than you might think. It fits just beautifully in all places and the detailed top stitch acts as an illusion to make the body appear more slim. Who doesn't like that! It goes with a dress, which I have chosen not to show together, as separately both pieces are much stronger and more fresh!

Duro Olowu has been showing his collections in London since the early '00s, and everything is always made from the most sumptuous fabrics. Dresses are pieced together from vintage scraps, and fabrics in limited supply so that each piece is an edition of its own. This dress just glides onto the body and someone told me she'd never want to take it off (but then found something else haha)! There is even a secret hidden 'pouch' for a belt or just to rest your weary hands in the softness of it all,

Costume National. Ennio Capasa makes clothes with strong beautiful lines. Feminine but with a touch of hardness, gorgeous leathers, great pants, futuristic but oh so Italiano. This dress is all shifty simplicity, panelled together at the front; demure, covered up, in a lovely olive grey.

And then BOOM! Turn around and we have the split which demands the best underwear (or perhaps for you frisky friends none at all, though it is pretty darn sheer I must add) and a good bit of nerve. But that's Costume, unexpected, minimal, but with a touch of rawness and savagery, all in good taste. So a lovely little dress leaves the audience wanting more ;) !

And another example of Costume. This mini hounds-tooth woollen mini skirt is appropriate for the office. Its a little short, a little low, a little tight, beautifully cut and lined, and certainly shows you have a sense of fun and naughtiness.  Plus if you have a smaller behind, it will absolutely change that!

Another unexpected little skirt, this time from Christian Lacroix. Designed to be worn on holidays in Hawaii or Florida, or a fabulous sunny lunch anywhere else, there is more than meets the eye. The two centre slits are more revealing than one might expect, but that is Lacroix's naughty sense of humour that takes the mundane and turns it into a party!

Marni suede T-Bar shoes with raw edged folded silk trim, a little rough around the edges, just how Consuelo Constiglioni like it.

Those who know me, know I do love my Tuleh. A now defunct New York duo whose creations were (and if seasonality is no bother to you, still are) perfect for the Upper East Siders both young and seasoned. A little playful, a little darker than most American labels but with just as much attention to detail and perfection in finishing, is this, what I guess we would call evening jacket, perfect with the sharpest and littlest little black dress. Made from an almost 3D jacquard from the the most royal of blues interspersed with silver, it sits off the shoulders for the 'couture wrap' feel, but is brought a little closer to earth with the leather buttons. I love it, and so should you, Tuleh, look them up :)

Finally another master, one you know well. Jean Paul Gaultier's somewhat 3D trompe l'oeil double breasted tuxedo jacket, is actually closed in the front and has to be pulled on, like a jumper! Don't worry, it still fits like a glove and you will be reckoned with, all feminine power you. Love it!

Hooray, now stay tuned tres bientot for my own newly made dresses (well, top and gown)! xx


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    1. Thank you very much, if you're ever in Melbourne you should come and visit :)
      Enjoy, Yahav