Monday, 10 February 2014

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Bryan Adams,Zoo Magazine 40!!!

Charlotte Gainsbourg. France's Chloe Sevigny perhaps? Both work on left of centre films dealing with gender issues, sex and squirmy situations. Both have family in the music business (understatement indeed) and both have long and strong ties to the fashion industry. I had the pleasure of meeting Chloe on a visit to Los Angeles (read blog from 2012 to find out more), but as to today have not yet been in the right place right time to meet Charlotte (though for a small stage she followed me on Twitter, can you believe it haha!).
Zoo Magazine is one of my favourite bi-annual bi-seasonal bi-sexual fashion publications.
It is big, and not with advertisements (of course they're there but not in huge numbers), but with great content and fantastic editorials, like the one here, duh, lol.
Charlotte is certainly no shrinking violet, taking on tough and challenging roles, most notably in Lars Von Trier's 'Antichrist', which I have seen, and the just literally released 'Nymphomaniac', which I have not yet seen but heard, undoubtedly you have too, much about.
Someone asked me if I 'enjoyed' Antichrist, and no, safe to say I did not. But of course it is in no way possible that the film was made to be 'enjoyed' per se, unless you're really into genital mutilation and so on and so forth. Visually it is a beautiful film; artistically shot with moody lighting and haunting sound effects. It is also extremely visceral. Not a scary horror film, it is certainly horrific in its depictions, I shall say no more, because unlike mostly everyone, I remember the days when out of etiquette you never revealed the secrets of a film just in case the person you were talking to had intended to see it but hadn't got around to it!
Anyway, Charlotte is amazing in it and as much as you really should look away its hard to do so with her panting, breathy voice surrounding you both aurally and visually. Approach with caution however.

As I mentioned Charlotte has been a champion of fashion, particularly for Nicolas Ghesquiere at Balenciaga where she served as muse; both stylistically and officially for the launch of the house's first fragrance. Looking like a star both on and off duty, she arrives fresh faced and sometimes bedheaded, can rock a perfecto, band tshirt and cigarette pant just as well as a plunging cocktail dress (opaque and otherwise) to film premières, fashion shows or an afternoon of tennis at Roland Garros. I love the shoot below for its celebration of agelessness and boldness. We know we wouldn't usually go out like this in public, but I guess its like all those 'shoots' you did yourself where you just tried different things on in front of the mirror and thought, you know what, who needs pants today; not condoning stocking as pants at all here, btw, just be sure on that! xxx

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