Sunday, 12 May 2013

Design Frenzy

Hello lovely '99ers!
So literally minutes after being visited by and having had a most fabulous time with the amazing Rose McGowan and Greg Cipes, I entered a design frenzy. Till 3am I wrapped, draped, pulled, sliced and pinned, and created three more unique Yahav Ron garments. All are made using the same piece of salvaged khaki wool as in the first 'Cipes' coat as seen in my previous post.

So you know, this series is over, as the fabric has run out, and that's how it works! As for the dress at the very top, well, I had a length of what I've called 'elephant grey' viscose, which was used as sleeves in other pieces, but of course there remained the extras I had to cut off to create the sleeve shape, and well, here they are! Some times mistakes lead to gold, and the main body of the dress was a sleeve that I had cut on the wrong side of the seam! Oh no!
After a minute of head on the ground, in sadness, and tiredness obviously, I draped it back on to my slim lady and found it made a rather nice halter-esque piece. The parachute skirt was added later and you know what, I love it!
As you know, I try to elimate cutting and manipulate the fabric to function as a garment in a whole piece through different sized and length slits, snap fasteners and more, and the three pieces have been constructed in this way. A sleeveless vest, collar down, resembles a detective style cutaway vest with contrast wool facing, so soft on the skin. Collar up and around the front, the back is sharp and lean, the front allows for spontaneous folds to occur like a scarf.
The second tricky tricky piece is a shawl-cum-wrap-cum-coat-cum-top-cum-whatever-you-like!
Turn in inside out, back to front, upside down, snapped over itself, left to flow free, folded around, tucked it, the possibilities are endless, and so is the use of commas in this sentence :S haha.
And finally, a little scarf-vest worn around the neck with reference to the back finishes off this session, how much fun!
Next up, some beautifully deep deep red wool that must be made into scrumptious things for winter, wish me luck! xx

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