Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Paris '99, busy busy busy!!!!

Hello dear '99ers

Hope you have been enjoying yourselves muchly as winter slowly slowly gives way to spring and we all pull out fabulously coloured sartorial goodies from our wardrobes ready for racing, parties, and not too far away Christmas, Hannukah, all other faith festivals, New Year's Eve and beyond!
I've been a rather busy man myself up to this point and it only gets busier, which is just great!
Melbourne Spring Fashion Week was a blur, I had a fabulous Thai dinner with some fabulous girls followed by Ready to Wear 1, showcasing Gwendolynne, Scanlan and Theodore, Lui Hon, Michaelo Lo Sordo, Aurelio Costarella, Ellery, Toni Maticevski and more. Enjoy my shot of the finale, not bad for the back row of the balcony haha!

As part of the festival my friend Sally and I saw 'The Fashion Pack' series at ACMI's fashion film program Deep in Vogue. It was spectacular, detailing the rise and (both rise and fall) of the fashion world's 1980's Parisian upstarts Jean Paul Gaultier, Claude Montana, Thierry Mugler and Azzedine Alaia. Being as obsessed with fashion as you all know I am I thought I had seen it all, but no! There was amazing footage of early shows, interviews with the designer both back then and 'today', the way things changed for better or worse, it was just fascinating!
The next installment, 'Antifashion' of course detailed what was going on parallel to this power shoulder movement; the Japanese in the 1980's and the Belgians in the 1990's, both schools still going strong of course. Prior to that we had a fabulous catch up and Italian dinner.
Then, super exciting, Paris '99 was profiled for the Jewish News, a full page article!
Zelda Cawthorne, founding editor of Poster Magazine, and Fashion editor for the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, called me and we organised a time to meet. Little did we know the interview would turn into 2.5 hours of chatting one day, and a further 2.5 hours of chatting the next! I could not be more happy with the piece, and in full size you should be able to read it too, thank you Zelda indeed!

In very exciting news you may have just got your hands onto a copy of Fashionista's Guide To Shopping In Melbourne, written by the beautiful Emily Power who came to visit me in Elwood at the start of a long and intense journey which finished a couple of weeks back when the book came out. It is the perfect companion for shopping in Melbourne (duh..), but really all you need to do is come to Paris '99, do mind the plug haha!
Here is the page from that, and it is a must visit! Thank you Emily indeed!

And as part of the launch for the book at the Olsen Hotel in South Yarra tomorrow, I was invited to participate in the showcase fashion show too, so flattering. Of course being the perfectionist, sort of, that I am, I slaved away for hours putting together the perfect look, such a process; omg, not the right silhouette, the colours aren't working, too heavy, too light, too dark, too sheer, omg! But in the end it is done, and I'm so happy with it; its summery, yet with a few tweaks would be perfect for winter. It doesn't slavishly bow to the colour trend, but is totally colourful etc etc. I won't give too much away, but I can show you the look that came, say, third in my experiments, Menichetti tied jacket, Valentino frill top and pleated Kenzo skirt, see what you think! Can't wait for the launch, should be a fantastic evening indeed!

Coming up on Friday is the fabulous Spring Fashion Lunch, where I have been asked to be part of the panel discussing spring trends and fashion in general, something which I think I'm pretty good at, and certainly love! Have to plan my outfit for that too, hahaha, such dilemmas, this jacket or that, to fur or not to fur???

Finally dear '99ers, the next post will actually be from Sydney! Yes, Paris '99 is going to Sydney for a series of private events, the mini salon experience. I will of course be driving in my van up the Hume Highway, perhaps I need to paint the van gold or something, for fashion's sake. Hmmm, I don't think the rental company would understand nor appreciate this happening. But of course it's all totally exciting and I can't wait to report!
Till then, adieu, and keep in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, this a gram, that a gram, or for the best fun, come and say hello and enjoy a drink or two, or three, call a cab I say! xxx

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